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Ready for your Athenian adventure? As part of our effort to make your stay as memorable as possible, we have teamed up with only the best to offer you an even more extraordinary experience in Athens. Whether you are travelling as part of a family, a group, with friends or your partner, we have the perfect tour for you!

Discover hidden paths in the historic center of Athens, walk the trails of mythological wonders, indulge in traditional delicacies, be amazed by striking works of art, witness scenic neighborhoods and enjoy cultural secrets that only few experience.

Just follow the steps below and we guarantee you a suitcase full of memories and a smile that will last till your next visit!

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Athens for Foodies: A Greek Gastronomy Tour

Some say that the way to the heart is through the stomach as far as people are concerned. Perhaps it is the same with places and cultures. We hope so! Fall in love with Greece through your taste buds, while learning about the history of Greek gastronomy and discovering hidden eateries.

With your knowledgeable foodie guide you will explore the non-touristy sides of Athens, learn about Greek cuisine and traditional recipes and discover where the most local products are sold. Please come hungry.


Olympians Unleashed: Mythology Tour of Acropolis & Acr. Museum

Draw the name of the Greek god you will become for the day and let your whimsical adventure into the depths of Greek history and mythology begin. Your goal is to find the divine formula that will allow you to return to Mount Olympus and reclaim your position of power through a series of fun clues and witty puzzles. While searching for the magic combination, explore the archaeological site of the Acropolis Hill and let your licensed guide narrate myths and legendary tales regarding its imposing monuments. In just a few hours you will have gained a better understanding of Greek culture, history and mythology and the significant symbolism that lies under every ancient rock!


Acropolis & Acropolis Museum Tour inspired by Percy Jackson

Follow Percy Jackson’s footsteps and live your own family myth in Athens! Experience 4 hours of fun exploration and get to know the very Acropolis of Athens with a private family-friendly guided tour!

Discover the rich history of the sacred hill and let your kids be fascinated by intriguing myths; you will even see the famous Acropolis spots mentioned in Percy-Jackson movies and books! Step on the trail of Percy Jackson in a family-friendly exploration and experience a mythological adventure in Greece!


Acropolis & Acropolis Museum Tour Private Tour

Explore the history & architecture of ancient Athens in all its glory during an amazing private guided tour to the Acropolis & the new Acropolis Museum.

Get ready to admire the masterpieces of the Golden Age and the amazing Parthenon! Complete your experience with a historical tour of the impressive Acropolis Museum to discover unique exhibitions and original artifacts from the Acropolis more than 2.500 years old. A fascinating journey into the secrets of antiquity is about to begin!


Athens in A Day: City Exploration & Acropolis

Are you only spending a few days in Athens and worried about how much history and culture you will be able to squeeze into your tight schedule? Stop searching now, this is the perfect tour for you. Embark on this see-it-all-tour that shows you the best of the Athenian landscape, as well as 2500 years of culture in just 7 hours! With our experienced guide you will discover the most significant parts of the city as well as the Acropolis and the Acropolis museum without having to spend any time in queues!


Acropolis for Families Tour

Join us for an unforgettable family tour of the Acropolis and gain intriguing insight into the fascinating tales that dress up the world-famous Parthenon temple. Follow your family-friendly licensed guide through the secret pathways of history to sneak a look at the hidden parts of the time trail laid on the sacred rock since almost 3,500 BC.


Athens Street Art & Culture Walking Tour

Discover the “hidden” urban scene of graffiti throughout Athens and be amazed at the quality and vibrancy of artistic expression. This is an alternative walking tour focusing on the movement of street artists and their inspirational work on the city canvas.

In this 3 hour tour, your enthusiastic guide with introduce to you the street art culture of Athens by showing you around historical hot spots that have also played a role in shaping social and political sentiments. If you enjoy walking, like alternative out-of-the-box activities and are keen on embarking on a colorful stroll, then this tour is for you.


DIY: Customized Walking tour of Athens

Have total control over your Athenian experience by booking a fully-customizable tour around Athens’ top landmarks. Plan your day based on personal preference, choose both the length and the stops of your tour, and devote as much time as you’d like to the city’s most impressive archaeological sites! Alongside a knowledgable licensed guide, you have the freedom to choose between a short or an extended version of the tour, and find exactly what you’re looking for! From the Acropolis Hill and the Acropolis Museum to the most beautiful neighborhoods of Athens, such as Syntagma, Plaka, and Monastiraki, design your own itinerary and make your holiday dreams come true. One thing is for sure: falling in love with Athens is inevitable; its history, culture, and charm will knock your socks off!


Temple of Poseidon & Sounio Tour

Discover the wave beaten Southern tip of Attica, where the Temple of Poseidon stands proudly and watches over sea and land. An unforgettable sunset awaits you at Cape Sounio, as the backdrop of a God’s Temple and mesmerizing sky hues dive into the panoramic horizon of the Athenian Riviera.

Escape the bustling city of Athens and enjoy a coastline journey of scenic views! You can also stop in Vouliagmeni Lake for a healing spa treatment in its mineral rich waters.

On winter days, as you cannot swim in Sounio, some time will be spent discovering the beautiful Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC).


Athens Family Treasure Hunt

Engage your kids with the ultimate family activity, while exploring the fascinating history of ancient Greece and immerse yourselves in challenging treasure hunt!

Your local expert will guide your exploration of the city through a series of entertaining quests that will bring to life Greek mythology. Embark on an adventure for the whole family as you discover the sights of Athens, meet with ancient heroes and decipher interesting riddles.

See how far your imagination can take you!


Athens by Night Food Tour & Wine Tasting

Explore Athens by night and the gastronomic gems it offers with the help of our foodie-expert guide. Admire the impeccable view of Athens under the dimming lights, eat up the finest of authentic Greek cuisine and end your night with a wine-tasting of 5 local Greek varieties! Your last food stop will treat you to an indulgent Greek dessert that will put a sweet taste in your mouth that is sure to last a lifetime! This nighttime food tour and wine tasting is a unique experience that will immerse you in the nightlife, gastronomy, and culture of Greece!


Evening Athens Highlights Tour with Meze Dinner

When thinking of Athens nightlife, images of the popular buzzing and vibrant Greek night entertainment most likely come to mind. We know how to have fun and we invite you to join us for an unforgettable evening of fairy-tale wanderings around the most iconic neighborhoods of Athens and delicious tastings of Greek mezedes.

This is the perfect way to experience Athens by night, just like a local!

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Our team is delighted to assist you to get the most enjoyment out of your trip. Contact the Heloni Team today to start planning one or more City Tours to include in your stay. We look forward to assisting you!

Our team is delighted to assist you to get the most enjoyment out of your trip. Contact the Heloni Team today to start planning one or more City Tours to include in your stay. We look forward to assisting you!

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